What if you could transform ‘take it or leave it’ sex, into the deepest full-body orgasms you never knew were possible?


Feel confident in your body, sexuality and life?


Reignite passion in your relationship? 


…and create the connections you're deeply yearning for?


Swoon is where you will finally get the space, permission and tools to free yourself from the blockages holding you back from the deep, fulfilling pleasure that you deserve.


You will be guided through simple and highly effective practices that will strengthen your relationship with your body and your pleasure. You will learn how to orgasm in more ways than one, explore & heal your body through curiosity and play and release the full potential of your unique sexual expression.

Shelly | CANADA

I soak up all of Lila’s knowledge and so enjoy learning from her. I used to have a really shameful relationship with my self pleasure but I now enjoy being in my body. I’ve felt  less shame and I’m so excited.


I love everything Lila provides. Her honesty and transparency is a blessing. I’ve been following her suggestions and techniques and it has been super deep. Sex has become more passionate than ever.  She is truly a master teacher. 


It has been so hard to find the support I have been looking for. Women’s sexual health still has so much stigma. I'm grateful and appreciative of Lila. Her openness with her knowledge has been so useful and comforting. 


   The A, K, P and G-Spot ergonous zones and how to orgasm from them.

  How to fire up your libido and enhance your arousal.

  How your pleasure affect your brain, moods, energy and behaviors.

  How to give and receive phenomenal oral sex

  How to have magical anal sex

  How to introduce Tantra, BDSM and kink into your sex play

  How to get your mojo back after having kids

  How to harness the power of your creativity, energy, emotions and pleasure

  How to communicate your sexual desires

  How to reignite passion in your relationship

  How to attract the love that you want

  How to harness your cycle as a tool for peak productivity, flow and happiness

  How to avoid being a slave to your to-do list and live a life TURNED ON! 

Beautiful being, you’re ready!

The fact that you are reading this is already a HUGE achievement. You are actively choosing to make your pleasure a priority which is more than most will ever do. The sex life you’ve dreamt of is possible. And I’d be honored to be your guide on this most sumptuous journey inward.


Visualize the life you most deeply crave… How does it feel? I bet it's not some ken-doll prince on a horse coming to ‘save’ you is it? No, it's you, living fully as yourself. Your truest-self feeling free and connected to your unique power and pleasure.

Now imagine tapping into that pleasure all day long!

Imagine exploring your edge and experiencing new types of orgasms that you never knew existed. Imagine being in the healthiest relationship you’ve ever seen? (Psst...You don’t need a partner for this) 

Imagine no longer apologizing, no longer faking, no-more toxic self-talk stifling your pleasure and playfulness. 

Imagine a resilient sense of self-love expanding further than just yourself, into your family, your community, the world around you.



Your personal portal to a whole new world of pleasure. 

Designed for anyone who wants to explore the exciting and healing depths of their true sexual essence.


Every month, you will have exclusive access to rich educational content across a range of engaging formats including;


- Video sessions with yours truly

- Audio practices

- Guided home study with practical play

- Live events with industry experts, celebrities and possibly you!

- Exclusive access to a whole community of passionate individuals who are also claiming their pleasure. 


An expansive educational library of video lessons that will grow with you. New lessons added fortnightly.


PDF's and step-by-step guides to deepen your sex-play & simplify the process.


Practical skills and techniques to adopt immediately into your daily life.


Guided mediations to deepen your awareness and connect with your mind, body and spirit.


Monthly events with industry experts and public figures. Plus Q&A's with Lila for continued support and nourishment.



Get notified, and you'll be prioritized to get the membership.

"The ultimate experience of sexual connection between your body, your partner and of course - yourself."


    Give you freedom and permission to do what’s right for you

  Expand your orgasmic capacity

  Deepen your intimate relationships

  Awaken desire and libido

  Allow you to love and accept your body

  Give you permission to claim what you want in sex

  End frustration about what you desire and how to get it

  Learn that your pleasure affects more than what happens in the bedroom

  Liberate you from boring, “take it or leave” it sex

  Help you bring more joy, satisfaction and connection to your life

  Teach you the advantage of living in tune with your unique body

Tatiana | RUSSIA

I’ve only ever been able to orgasm by myself and with a vibrator. After one session with Lila, I had the most surprising and fulfilling sexual experience ever. Her work has opened me to so much more possibility. 

Daniella | NEW YORK

After becoming a mum I was at a loss to know where to begin in getting back to myself sexually. After Lila’s sessions I have been able to understand and articulate what is happening in my new body and what I desire. Plus my partner is totally on board!!


Foundations of Sex

Female (+ Male) Pleasure

Ecstatic Sex

Sexual Wellness

Tantra. BDSM. Kink

Tools of Pleasure

Sex in Motherhood

Intimacy + Partnership

SWOON is for you if....


  You don’t know where to begin

  You want to feel more sensation during sex

   You want to become more sensual

  You get stuck in your head when having sex

  You can’t orgasm with a partner or can only orgasm in one way.

  You don’t feel connected with or confident in your body

  You are done waiting for your partner to take the lead 

  You feel empty after sex

  Sex feels different after having kids

  You don’t know what you want or how to get it

  You are tired and lack libido

  Sex feels like a chore

  You want to find YOUR person

  You want reignite desire in your intimate relationships

  You want to be more creative, energetic and passionate about life

  You want to live your best life but need support to get started



Get notified, and you'll be prioritized to get the membership.

"I want us all to feel alive, awakened and pleasured, not just in sex, but in every area of our lives"


Hi, I’m Lila…

I'm your educator, sex coach, friend and confidant on your journey to Swoon!!!

For me, the connection and bonds that we create with ourselves and with others gives us a greater sense of meaning and happiness and wellbeing than just about any other thing. It’s what fuels my work and fuels my world.

I've spent the last almost decade and a half of my life, supporting women to feel more connected to their sexuality, to be confident in the bedroom, and to discover their authentic expression in sex. I want us all to feel, alive, and awakened, pleasured, not just in our bodies but  in every area of our lives.

Personally, and also in my work, I have found that we often look outside of ourself to fulfill our desires, which is fully understandable consider the lack of education and all of the misinformation that we are bombarded with. It’s a mine field out there!! But I have done the hard yards so that you don’t have to……

Swoon brings together the knowledge and know how that I have collected over the last two decades worth real life experience and formal studies in the field of sexology and sexual wellness.  

This lifestyle is for women who grew up hearing they need to be more……..more sexy, more polite , more professional , more...Insert your story here. Oh and buy this product and wear this so that you can get there. 

Well fuck that!!! Within you is an expanse of infinite beauty and complexity that is yours to discover, define, and employ as you wish.

Swoon is an invitation to remember your innate wisdom. To tune in, to listen to your body and be all of who you are…..Unapologetically!

By choosing Swoon, you’re embarking upon a journey toward self-fulfillment, towards your deepest desires. Whatever that looks like.  It’s a journey back to you xx